Episode 1

After a tough open audition across Los Angeles, only five girls were chosen to become part of the newest all female pop group. Barely even started, contract issues were raised by one of the girls forcing Zach to make an executive decision. From costume fittings, rehearsals and shaping up, there’s no time for the ladies to settle in as the clock ticks away.

Episode 2

It’s a clash of taste and vision. From dance steps to song choice, even the makeup and styling, the ladies are showing the producers that they want a voice in the creative direction of the group. Can Zach get a hold on the situation? Or will he succumb to each and every demand from everyone involved in the creative process? It’s starting to get out of hand!

Episode 3

New song, new problems… It’s a catch 22. After giving creative freedom to the ladies, some are holding their “ideas” hostage unless they are given additional credit for their contribution and are starting to discuss royalties. The music executive is fed up with all the drama and wants to see if the group has talent. Zach had better step up if he wants to be on the management side of the music industry.

Episode 4

It’s time for the girls to be evaluated based on their overall performance and group dynamics. Both Nick and David are raising their concerns about one of the girls who has a bad attitude and is bringing down the whole group’s morale. They are faced with the decision to get rid of the bad seed or continue to deal with the diva attitude. What will they do?

Episode 5

A clash of the generations takes place and the hottest will have to win. David’s 90’s pop boy band choreography doesn’t go over well with the young millennial girls. The dance moves are just not natural to the girls and they want to participate in the choreographic process. David’s not used to having his methods questioned and we’re not sure his ego can handle the girl’s contending. With only four days left before actually shooting the music video, will they actually reach a consensus and come up with something to shoot?

Episode 6

It’s the final stretch and all hands are on deck as the team produces the music video that may launch the girls’ careers as the newest pop group on the music label. Everyone’s fate lies with Marvin’s executive decision. The question is, will the music execs like what they see? Will Zach’s hard work pay off and get him the promotion he has been working for? Or will everyone’s dreams crash before they even began?